Sometimes classic, minimal design is the way to go. If you require nothing but the most refined in corporate identity image, Subgrafix can deliver. It is sometimes misunderstaood that "well behaved" or commercialized and subtle communicative design has to be stiff and very desaturated to preserve a legacy image or reputation, further enlivening the popular movement in corporate business that follows the mantra "less is more". This could be no further from the truth.

With historical trends in branding and iconoclastic creation in recent decades, there have been brewing several bold and brave movements in graphic design that lose not an ounce of credibility nor effectiveness with the addition of a "tweaked" pantone color or a "dangerously" placed trademark.

The entire population of a country can be recognized by a simple, 3-color flag with one symbolic gesture... this is how powerful and serious graphic design and icnography have become. 

In this slideshow we have arranged several examples of motion and still visual languages that serve all areas of business existence. It is this section of this website that usually proves to be our badge of diversified honor. 

The design status quo has not been shattered, shaken, nor stirred but re-processed into what only the future can reveal...and that is the ghosted fading of that staus quo when it struggles to retro-fit itself to, and transcend with an ever-changing and all-true universe of artistic evolution.

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Professional clients served by subgrafix