Shawn Wilson



Phone: (336) 638-1775

Graphic Designer, Artist, Instructor

I enjoy creating graphic design with the help of computer programs and using traditional methods such as oil and graphite. I also love teaching people of all ages what I know as a professional and I also like to learn from other artists as a student. I work as a fine artist and digital media graphic designer for print, interactive and motion platforms. I have experience with the entire Adobe Creative Suite, web development, 3D and CAD graphics and I also create freehand illustration and studio art to strengthen digital concepts. My current professional focus is product branding and launching. This is done by creating 3D animation, photography & photo re-touching, videography & post-production / special FX and motion graphics for interactive trade show monitors and kiosks, social media platforms, sound mixing, music production and extensive hi-end editing for safety videos, community activities, corporate overview studio interviews and graphic layouts for logos, newsletter, catalogs, internal training videos, learning modules & t-shirt design and printing. 

My Service Design and Design Thinking workflows are balanced through the methods and philosophies of Lean 6 Sigma, 3C's, DMADV, Yokoten and PDCA.


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Premiere

Adobe After Effects

Adobe XD

Adobe Captivate

Sketch App 



Microsoft Office

Final Cut Pro

Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk Inventor

Vectric Software

Siemens NX




HTML 5, CSS, Java



Skills and Experience

- Print Layout Design
- 2D & 3D Modeling & Animation / Motion Graphics and rendering
- Video and Photography production
- Web / UI & UX Design Thinking, Service Design
- Fine Art & Freehand Illustration / Sculpture
- T-shirt Design and DTG / Silkscreen Printing
- Audio Design & Music Production

- Writing & Storyboarding

2010 - present
2010 - present
Work History

Expressive Arts Therapy (ICAC), Art Instructor, Director


Designed lesson plans, classroom activities, learning modules and integrated a self-reflective and full-on approach to therapeutic philosophies and practices using expressive art therapy and CBT, DBT and EDMR techniques. Children, adolescent, and adult clients participate in a group setting and benefit from a team of experienced licensed therapists and professional studio artists. Our classes range from the standard "tried-and-true" learning and creative models to a free artistic, experimental environment. Overall, the mission is to explore the mind and body through understanding our origins and relationships with trauma and how to engage ourselves and others to manage stress in our lives using self-analysis exercises through hands-on creativity as a powerful healing tool. Clients use acrylics, tempera, watercolors, color pencils, graphite, charcoal, clay, and writing as a framework and composition for processing thoughts and feelings.

ITG Brands, LLC., Multimedia Production

​2012 - Present


Graphic design and multimedia production with a strong focus on videography and high-end motion graphics and animation. Duties included intensive communication with clients and colleagues to conceptualize project protocols. Workflow included brainstorming, data foraging, research, and management, storyboarding, scheduling, shooting, lighting, audio capture with various lav and boom mics, editing, grading, correcting, music production for soundtracks, voice-overs, and final packaging for corporate branding, manufacturing safety, R&D interests, and processes and social media communications. These video projects included off/on script interviews, documentary-style productions, narrated instructional and learning videos, special event support, video newsletter stories, community outreach and various corporate overview productions outlining company rules, regulations, and procedures


Created graphic designs, product machining workflow and complex engineering simulations for Corporate, Research & Development and Manufacturing. Worked with the marketing team on visuals for store merchandise aesthetics, strategic product placement and overall look and design of legacy brands and rebranding/rendering. Created T-shirt print designs for United Way  Outreach Tours, providing on-going video, photography and graphic support for special events, seminars and town hall meetings.

Worked exclusively with the full Adobe Creative Suite. Working with Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, JVC and other camera and lens systems. Other equipment includes: gimbals, tripods, dolly  tracks, studio lighting, green screening, custom-made studio props, teleprompters, microphone and mixing sound  systems, music/sound production, video special effects, color  grading, footage editing & correction, rotoscopy, 2D & 3D motion  tracking and capture, photogrammetry, 3D scanning, 3D Printing, freehand art and drawing animations using traditional studio tools, digital painting, CGI character animation and development, storyboard illustration & custom  logos. Created print graphic layouts, motion graphics and animations for newsletters, brochures, posters, and trade show monitors. Conceptualized corporate and grassroots event branding and styling for promotional and social media outlets.

Lockheed Martin, Graphic Specialist


Assisted with the advancement and evolution of the Creative Media Services department at Lockheed Martin utilizing personal training, inherent skills, and daily mentorship from colleagues. This tasking schedule allowed me to become as self-efficient and educated as possible within my field of working knowledge. My technical skills allowed me to troubleshoot computing problems, mechanical challenges and new ideas on very tight deadlines while maintaining highly effective communication with customers and co-workers. 

This Lockheed Martin position gave me the opportunity to initiate dialogue with colleagues and clients providing consultation, creative vision and direction with an intensive focus on 2D, 3D, typography, print and motion graphics, design engineering, CAD design and 3D Modeling and simulations, posters, brochures, booklets, newsletters, web development and maintenance, proposal infographics, charts,vehicle vinyl wraps, logos, sound and music production, freehand illustration. 

Special focus on creating all aspects of video production for departmental and corporate interests, special events, learning modules, guest speakers and interviews. Various post-production techniques were utilized to give a polished, uniform and streamlined look and feel to all branding identity formats and platforms adhering to the company guidelines for logo and proprietary material standards and treatment.

The Fishing School, Graphic Design & Art Teacher


My classroom role was to create and foster an environment of strong confidence through driven learning models and custom-fit curriculum and to champion the importance of celebrating diversity through computer graphics, studio art, and culture. Worked with elementary to highschool-level students.

Anthem Education Group, Graphic Design & Art Instructor



Supervised and imparted solid foundational design ethics to striving multimedia students for unparalleled success in the multimedia and web design industry. Cultivated a sense of confidence and fostered a competitive skill set among entry-level graphic designers. Created an Expressive Arts Therapy approach in the classroom by building custom curriculums such as traditional studio art and utilizing e-learning through customized Flash modules, animation and motion graphics, graphic design and layout for print and web, and 3D modeling/CAD. These learning modules were beneficial to the refinement of student talents, iterative learning, exploration of experimentation, and critical thought mechanisms. This hands-on approach with classroom learning through art creation helped introduce a healing effect through the arts for students who were dealing with levels of stress, anxiety, and emotional issues.


The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Bachelor's of Fine Art (BFA) 1996